The Unlock Summit in Prague

International center

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Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

On 28-29th April organizers of the summit invite activists, journalists, marketers, entrepreneurs and programmers to discuss the following topics: new media, journalistic investigation, online confidentiality and security, “smart cities” and city developments, ecological crises and “green technologies”, monetization and community development and so on. 12 countries of Eastern Europe, including Ukraine and Central Asia, are able to become participants of the meeting. Summit Unlock, that is held in Prague every year, provides grants for everyone participating. Those who have already attended the Prague Civil Society Centre and can tell about a particular project started with someone who they met there, have a chance to get a travel grant. Co-working can be arranged in the form of research, art exhibition, public event, training programme, in other words, all that is related to work with a partner that you have met at Prague Civil society Centre.