The scholarship of the educational-cultural centre “Confucius Institute” of Ushinsky University.

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“Confucius Institute” of the southern-Ukrainian national pedagogical university named after Ushinsky recruits students for the linguistic-cultural course. The main goal and the result of the project are providing scholarships for training at a Chinese university within one academic semester or one academic year. While participating in the project, students will be able to attend martial art classes, polygraphy, etc. The scholarship covers the education cost, stay in a hall of residence expenses, medical insurance, and also includes monthly assistance. Students that will receive the scholarship, will have to pay for a flight ticket from Ukraine to CNR and back to Ukraine, expenses on transport service within Ukraine and a visa fee. It is necessary for candidates to get the scholarship:

  1. Pass a qualified knowledge of Chinese HSK test with the result not lower than the third level and HSKK of the elementary level.
  2. Report presentation about highlighting your impressions and 30 photos giving the educational-cultural centre “Confucius Institute” authors rights.
  3. Submitting a report from a Chinese curator.
For getting more details, please, refer to The Educational and Scientific Centre of the international cooperation NUS (office 213).