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Fulbright program has been operating in Ukraine since 1992. Fulbright is an opportunity for students, educators and researchers undergo an internship in the USA. There are such exchange programes in Ukraine: – Fulbright Graduate Student Program: training at magistracy in one of American universities. For: students in the last years of education and graduates of higher educational establishments. Duration of the program: 1-2 years. Requirements: a Bachelor’s degree – Fulbright Research and Development Program: carrying out of researches in the US universities. For: young lecturers, professors and researchers. Duration of the program: 6-9 months. Requirements: up to 40 years old, a two year professional experience. – Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant Program: internship of the Ukrainian language teaching. For: young lecturers and researchers. Duration of the program: 9 months. Requirements: a Bachelor’s degree. – Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program: undertaking researches at universities in the USA, research centers, libraries, museums, archives and so on. For: candidates of science and doctors of science, researchers, specialists. Duration of the program: 3-9 months. – The Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence Program: setting up and development of scientific and cultural collaboration in colleges and universities in the USA. For: academics and specialists of social and humanitarian faculty. – U.S. Fulbright Scholar Program: grants for teaching, undertaking of researches and tutoring or researching in higher educational establishments and scientific institutions of Ukraine. For: American educators, researchers and experts. Duration of the program: 5-10 months. – Fulbright Specialist Program: lecturing, participating in scientific programs and conferences, conducting seminars and etc. For: educational and scientific institutions of Ukraine. Duration of the program: 2-6 months.