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Goi Peace International Essay Competition Annual Goi Peace Competition announced the essay topic in 2020 — “ A letter from myself in 2030”. Participants are to imagine the ideal world in 10 years. What will it be? You are suggested to address to yourself today from the perspective of 2030, having described the society and your role in it. Also, you should add any important message that you will probably want to tell yourself in the future. Notice:

  1. Young people under 25 years old in the following age categories:
  • children (under 14 years old);
  • youth ( 15 – 25 years old).
  1. Essay volume — up to 700 words in English, French, Spanish or German; or not more than 1600 characters in Japanese (without taking a name and a title page).
  2. Submit your application online on the Goi Peace official website or by e-mail.
  3. Essays have to be original not being published before.
  4. Only one author is allowed.
  Winners will receive money prizes and gifts: the first place — 900 $ and a trip to the awarding ceremony in Tokyo, Japan; the second place — 450 $; the third place — a certificate and a gift. Submitting an application deadline is 15 June.