Damen Shipyards

Damen Shipyards Our mission Damen is a client-oriented, international and family-owned shipbuilder with Dutch roots. We design and build innovative vessels of excellent quality, supported by a worldwide network of sales and services, including maintenance, repair and refurbishment of facilities. Our vision Our goal is to become a global leader in every niche of the shipbuilding, ship repair and transformation markets and related services, improving the quality of craft and services step by step. We want to exceed our customers' expectations in terms of quality, innovation and reliability. We build successful relationships with customers, partners and employees in a safe environment. The Damen Shipyards Group operates 36 shipyards and repair facilities, employing 12,000 people worldwide. They have built more than 6,500 vessels since 1969. The company can guarantee fast delivery times, as they have an average of 200 hulls, some of them already with basic equipment. In addition, the company has many years of experience in repair, conversion, maintenance and conversion work, completing more than 1500 jobs per year for all types of ships and platforms.   Key indicators of the Damen Shipyards Group Annual turnover (2018): EUR 2.0 billion Damen Shipyards Group: 54 factories worldwide The Netherlands: 25 International: 29 Shipyards: 36 Engineering Companies: 5 Other companies: 13 Shipyards: 36 Netherlands: 16 International: 20 Plants for new building: 23 Factories for repair and conversion: 18 Number of employees: 12,000 worldwide Netherlands: 3,500 International: 8,500 Included in the general staff: 1,000 engineers Court Orders (2018): Annual turnover:> 175 Total:> 6,500 Court Orders (2018): 176 Tugboats / Working boats: 76 Offshore Courts: 3 Speedboats & Ferries: 40 Pontoons and barges: 21 Dredging & Specializing: 13 Navy: 18 Yachts: 5 Annual turnover (2018): 1,300