Harbin engineering univesity

Harbin engineering univesity The XIU source is the Academy of Military Engineers, founded in Harbin on September 1, 1953. In 1970, the Harbin Shipbuilding Engineering Institute was founded. Following the decision of the State Commission on Education, the KhCII was renamed Harbin University of Engineering in 1994, and ocean and marine projects became the main focus of research.   Harbin University of Engineering is positioning itself as a major national driving force in the fields of shipbuilding, ocean exploration and nuclear power. Also, as a flagship in implementing several reforms in teaching, research and information management systems, Harbin University of Engineering further enhances its role as China's first multilateral international university in the 21st century.   Since 1999, XIU has been honored with many national, regional and ministerial acknowledgments and awards, totaling 520 awards, of which 215 are national, 305 are regional and ministerial, in the field of party and administrative activities management, education and research, research and more.   The university now has 7 institutes and 10 departments. It employs more than 10,700 students and more than 2,100 employees, including 158 professors, 465 adjunct professors, 2 academicians from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 2 members of the disciplinary evaluation committee at the city council degree committee, and more than 60 scientific advisors for degree applicants.   XIU was one of the first universities to be allowed by the state to award doctorate and master's degrees. The University has received more than 1,800 scientific results, of which 39 were awarded with national awards and 446 with ministerial or regional awards.