Zhejiang International maritime college

Zhejiang International Maritime College Zhejiang International Maritime College, located in the New District of Zhushan Archipelago, a beautiful island city near Shanghai, is a government-funded vocational college represented by specialties or specialized groups, including maritime technology, naval architecture, and port management tourism. which were the first two distinguished provincial-level specialties. In 2010, the college underwent an on-site inspection by a crew training agency organized by the China Maritime Security Office. In accordance with the requirements of the relevant authorities, the college must establish itself as a state model vocational college during the Twelve Five period. The college has an area of 500 hectares, with an area of more than 110,000 square meters and 6,200 full-time students on campus. The college has a subsidiary general education school, Zhushan Maritime School and seven divisions: Maritime Technology School, Naval Architecture School, Port Management School, Maritime Tourism School, Adult Education School, PE & Art Center, and the Department of Social Sciences. It also boasts of its first-class educational facilities, with more than 80 study rooms and laboratories on campus and over 130 off-campus training facilities, costing up to 50 million yuan. The College has 25 China MSA-approved crews training programs, among which BRM, ERM and ECDIS hold the highest level in their counterparts