Zhejiang ocean university

Zhejiang ocean university The university was established in 1988 as a result of the merger of Zhejiang Fisheries University (founded in 1958) and Dushan Junior Teachers College (founded in 1978). The university was accredited to offer bachelor's degree programs in 1982 and to provide postgraduate programs in 2005. The University offers disciplines that specialize in seas and oceans. This enables the development of multidisciplinary disciplines, including science, agronomy, engineering, literature, medicine, management, teaching and economics. Colleges and Chairs The University is organized into the following colleges:  

  • School of Marine Sciences
  • School of Humanities
  • Maritime Fisheries School and Maritime School
  • Foreign language school
  • School of Naval Architecture and Civil Engineering
  • Xiaoshan School of Science and Technology
  • School of Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering
  • Donhai School of Science and Technology (private college)
  • School of Nutrition and Pharmacy and Medical School
  • Putuo School of Science and Technology
  • School of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science
  • Department of physical education and teaching of the arts
  • School of Petroleum and Chemical Engineering
  • Community Experiment Center and computer network
  • School of Business Administration
  • School of Continuing Education
  • School of Public Administration (Department of Social Sciences)
  • Teacher Development Center