NUS scientists Admiral Makarov strengthened Ukrainian-Polish cooperation

Scientists and teachers at Admiral Makarov National University of Naval Architecture have been invited to a major international event to mark the 100th Anniversary of the Polish Electricians Association. Scientists and Teachers of the National University of Shipbuilding were invited to a major international event to mark the Centenary of the Polish Electricians Association. It should be noted that the Association of Polish Electricians is the largest non-governmental creative organization of scientific and technical nature, active in social and public interests, founded in 1919 by engineers – representatives of the electrical industry. The events commemorating the anniversary of the society lasted for three days from September 26 to September 28 and took place at the National University of Lviv Polytechnic. As part of this, on September 27, a symposium conference “Traditions of Electricity in the Lviv Center and Proposals for Cooperation between Polish and Ukrainian Electricians” was held. Admiral Makarov’s NUS delegation included Volodymyr Blintzov, Vice-rector for Science, Head of Automation Department Ivan Bilyuk and Head of Computer Technology and Information Security Department Alexander Blintzov.   On the occasion of the centenary of the Society, Volodymyr Blintzov was awarded a medal in the name of Mikhail Doliv-Dobrovolsky for his services in building Ukrainian-Polish relations and cooperation with the Association of Polish Electricians. We should also emphasize that Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding has been cooperating with the Association since 2000. Thus, the university supported and fixed its role in Ukrainian-Polish scientific relations. In addition, as a result of the symposium, NUS gained new perspectives in three areas. “First, they have agreed to cooperate in the field of scientific publications. We were invited to publish in their journals. Also, our scientists will be in the editorial board and reviewers of scientific publications of the society, and vice versa. This will strengthen the international status of our journals. Another important area is internships. We have reached an agreement with the President of the Association to upgrade the skills of our scientists, ”- says Vice-Rector of NUS Volodymyr Blintzov. Another result, according to Volodymyr Stepanovich, will be a joint PhD program, since such scientific cooperation is relevant for both parties.