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Course ID: 135
Department: Shipbuilding Research Institute
Study period for Full Time: Bachelor - 4 years / Master - 1 year 6 month
Study period for Half Time:
Price for Full Time: Bachelor - 2350 $ per year/ Master - 2700 $ per year
Price for Half Time:
Academic Degree: Bachelor / Master / PhD

Ships and Ocean Engineering Faculty / Institute: Shipbuilding Research Institute Department: Ship Theories and Design The main focus of this educational program is the training of highly qualified specialists for shipbuilding and other industries. In the course of study, students gain knowledge in computer design, design of seagoing and river vessels of various types, yachts, ocean and floating facilities, mastering the latest computer technology, advanced computer aided design and programming languages. RESEARCH ACTIVITIES The Department of Ship Theory and Design does a great deal of work to expand educational, scientific, and international cooperation. Agreements on scientific and academic cooperation have been concluded with Malek Ashtar University (Iran), Harbin Technical University (PRC), Jiangsu University of Science and Technology (PRC), the world's leading shipbuilding companies. Under these agreements, joint research, scientific and academic exchanges are conducted. As part of academic mobility, leading faculty members were invited to lecture at Jiangsu University of Science and Technology (PRC), Malek Ashtar University (Iran), Harbin Technical University (PRC), etc. Scientific developments of students and teachers of the department are known not only in Ukraine but also abroad. So for the Sharif University of Technology (Iran), equipment for the research pool was manufactured. Another of the department's developments, a facility for the study of buoyancy, stability, immersion and rocking of a vessel on quiet water, is used in Ukraine (Odessa), Russia, China, Iran. The department consists of scientific laboratories for performing various scientific researches: Experimental pool; Stability laboratory. FUTURE PROFESSIONS Enterprises of shipbuilding and ship repair industry Design bureaus and organizations EMPLOYMENT The graduates of the department work at many shipbuilding and ship repairing enterprises of Ukraine and the world, receiving a decent remuneration for their work. • Shipbuilding engineer • Design engineer • Design Engineer • Shipbuilding project manager • Specialist in mass communications • Surveyor engineer • Standard engineer • Marketing engineer • Economics engineer • Personnel specialist OUR GRADUATES WORK AT ENTERPRISES Oshima Shipbuilding Co. Ltd., Japan Damen Shipyards Group, The Netherlands Rigas Shipyard, Latvia Latitude Yachts, Latvia BLRT Grupp, Estonia Semco Maritime, Norway MDEM, Damen Shipyards Branch, Mykolaiv Wärtsilä Ship Design, Finland DryDock World, Dubai, United Arab Emirates C-Job, Mykolaiv Ship Design Bay, Mykolaiv Torolla (POSS) Ltd, Mykolaiv Asaba Design Center, Mykolaiv BIIR Ukraine, Odessa Shipbuilding and ship repair factories of Mykolaiv, Ukraine and the world Design bureaus and organizations of Mykolaiv, Ukraine and the world