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Embassy of the USA in Ukraine offers scholarships for education in the USA, exchange and internship programmes, sponsors various pieces of training, consultations and grants. There are American centres “America house” in Kyiv and “ Window on America” in many regions of Ukraine. Various events like specialists’ speech, exhibitions, pieces of training, concerts, film screenings, English speaking club classes etc. are conducted in the aforesaid organizations. There are two centres in Mykolaiv: “Window on America” in Mykolaiv region universal scientific library and the centre “ Window on America for future leaders” in Central city library for children named after S. Kobera and V. Homenko. On the website of the embassy of the USA in Ukraine, there is also a list of scholarships and programmes of cultural, educational and professional exchange. Embassy provides grants for following areas of activity:

  • Competition of democracy contribution Fund projects;
  • Ukrainian mass media development;
  • Programme of book translations;
  • Academic and educational programmes;
  • Culture and youth programmes;
  • Expansion of institute media-opportunities;
  • Monitoring of judicial proceedings of The Supreme anti-corruption court.
For getting more details of the programmes, please go to the official website of the US Embassy in Ukraine.