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Horizon 2020 is a programme that is sponsored by the EU with the objective of science and innovation development. The main tasks of the programme:

  • Make Europe become an attractive place for world-class scientists;
  • Promote the development of innovation and competitiveness of European industry and business;
  • Solve the most urgent issues of the present European society with the help of science.
On the base of the aforesaid tasks, in terms of the programme activity has the following areas:
  • Cutting-edge science that is open for high-quality individual and research projects in all departments of learning, including humanitarian;
  • Leadership in branches of industry, in which development of new technologies and materials are sponsored, including space research; besides that, in the terms of this area of activity financial tools for innovation in small and medium business are available;
  • Social demands, with a wide range of investigation projects aimed at the improvement of transport quality, food, health care and security system, European identity and cultural heritage.
The priority spheres of the programme are agricultural, space-based, innovations in small and medium enterprises, data processing, biological and information technologies. In doing so, the bigger part of the funds is spent on sponsoring of researches related to the environment protection (demography, food and biotechnology, water purification, green transport). Sponsoring of the projects is carried out on a competitive basis.