EU Visitors Program

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The European Union Visitors Program is the programme that is directed at strengthening of the mutual understanding among professionals from countries that aren’t members of the EU and their partners from EU. With that end in view, the programme sponsors invite young, active and prospective leaders from non-EU countries to visit Europe. The programme participants will be allowed to meet the EU chairmen in Brussels and/or in Strasbourg. The visit will take from 5 to 8 days. The travel and daily expenses for participants will be sponsored by the European Parliament and the European Committee. The requirements are:

  • citizenship of Ukraine;
  • being interested in a career in Europe;
  • preferably being at the age of 30 – 40 ;
  • higher education and work experience in the following sphere of activity;
  • being fluent in one of the EU languages.
Besides, participants have to belong to one of these categories: – politicians such as members of national and regional parliaments, party officials, political counsellors; -government and parliament officials, in particular those who are engaged in the spheres of activity that are quite meaningful to the EU. -mass media representatives that are in charge of editing function in the spheres of activity that are quite meaningful to the EU. – scientific workers and analytical centres representatives that are responsible for training or investigating in EU branches. – Civil society representatives and labour union figures who are in charge of national responsibility in the domain of international relations, etc.