NUOS has signed a cooperation agreement with LTH-BAAS Corporation

Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding, October 8, visited with a visit the Director General of LTH-BAAS Shipbuilding Corporation Anton Malyugin. During the friendly meeting between the European partner and the Rector of the NUS, Yevgeny Trushlyakov, fruitful negotiations were held aimed at modernization and development of modern shipbuilding education. The meeting was also attended by NSCMS NUS leader Mikhail Mikhailov and LTH-BAAS lead engineer Andrey Yemets. The meeting resulted in the signing of a cooperation agreement as well as a joint plan of work between the university and the corporation in the field of development of educational and research projects, development of material and technical base, simulators, supply of equipment and software, conferences, round tables, seminars and passing teaching staff at LTH-BAAS.

“An excellent achievement was the opportunity for students of the University of Naval Architecture to practice at corporations in France, Estonia and Germany, and graduates were given the opportunity to work at these shipyards,” – said the university. The program for the development of specialized shipbuilding research laboratories on the basis of NUS was approved with the financial assistance of LTH-BAAS. “Undoubtedly, this will be only the first step in strengthening the NUS’s cooperation with world-renowned leaders of the shipbuilding industry. In the future it is planned to expand cooperation with LTH-BAAS and to invest further in the development of the Shipbuilding University, ”the message reads. Besides, the Nikolaev university will become the center of a set of graduates of NUS of different age for employment at the shipyard of the corporation. Everyone is invited to submit their resume to the 352 main building (Heroes Avenue of Ukraine, 9) from October 15 to October 18, 2019.