Metrology and information and measurement technology

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Course ID: 152
Department: Department of marine instrumentation
Study period for Full Time: Bachelor - 4 years / Master - 1 year 6 month
Study period for Half Time:
Price for Full Time: Bachelor - 2350 $ per year/ Master - 2700 $ per year
Price for Half Time:
Academic Degree: Bachelor / Master / PhD

152. Metrology and information and measurement technology Faculty / Institute: Department: Department of marine instrumentation Rapid implementation of information and measurement technologies, computerization and automation of production require training in metrology and information and measurement technologies. Metrology as a science of measurement and a practical field plays a large role in a modern society in which there is no sphere of human activity where measurement results are not used. The specialist in metrology and information and measurement technology is responsible for the accuracy of measurement results, on the basis of which they obtain reliable information about the state of many industrial, economic and social processes and helps to prevent significant economic losses and making erroneous decisions. EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS Measurement-information systems The rapid development and introduction of information and measurement technologies, computerization, automation of production and improvement of metrological databases ensure a constant demand for specialists in the field of metrology and information and measurement technologies. Future experts in metrology and information and measurement technology are studying the programming of smart metering, metrology software, electronics and microprocessors, software and hardware for metering and computer systems. They gain practical skills and knowledge of modern information and information-measuring technologies, methods of designing and modeling, development and application of information-measuring devices with the use of microprocessor and computer technology, computer-aided design systems and computer graphics. Specialist in the specialty 152 "Metrology and information-measuring technique" in accordance with the received fundamental and special training is able to ensure the professional performance of the following works: • Objective control - measurement, diagnostics, testing and laboratory studies of raw materials, environments, using photonic engineering methods, in accordance with existing standards and techniques; • Production process automation - to build and operate optical optoelectronic and laser systems; • Metrology - work with specialized adjustable measuring devices; • Standardization - to know national standards concerning the work of optoelectronic devices and laser systems to be able to conduct, control and adapt technological processes using photonic energy sources; • Solution to programming problems - use microprocessors and other electronics of modern manufacturers (Atmel, Microchip, Analog Devices, etc.), work with special environments: PCAD, AutoCAD, MATHCAD, MATHLAB, etc., to program using algorithmic languages ​​Pascal, Flash, etc. Consequently, the role of metrology and information-measurement specialists in the development of scientific and technological progress, as well as the requirements for them, is constantly increasing. The more complex the scientific, industrial problem, the more important it becomes to metrology. Accuracy, measurement accuracy are fundamental discoveries in science and technology, effective cooperation with other countries, joint development of scientific and technical programs (eg, in space exploration, medicine, environmental protection, etc.), implementation of most laws (eg, " Consumer Protection, Standardization, Product and Service Certification, Energy Saving, etc. FUTURE PROFESSIONS Specialist in designing information-measuring systems Employee of Metrology, Standardization and Certification Services of State Centers and Enterprises of Different Industries, Specialist in Implementation of Product Quality Management Systems Engineer of services of control and measuring devices and automatics (KVPiA) of the enterprises of various industries Engineer of service centers for maintenance of medical equipment, vehicles, process equipment Developer of virtual and intelligent processors for measurement, control and diagnostics Software developer for information systems for industrial control, diagnostics and monitoring of technical facilities EMPLOYMENT Specialist in metrology and information and measurement technology works at enterprises and organizations of various purposes in the field of computer systems of data collection and processing, in the field of research, prediction, control and testing of objects and processes; in the departments and laboratories of metrology, standardization, certification and quality control of products, design bureaus associated with the design of new information-measuring equipment (including for the defense complex of Ukraine), with the introduction of the latest information technologies in metrology. OUR GRADUATES WORK AT ENTERPRISES SE "Mykolaivstandartmetrologiya" LLC "AMIKO Komplekt" LLC «Nikolaev alumina plant