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Course ID: 151
Department: Educational and Scientific Institute of Automation and Electrical Engineering
Study period for Full Time: Bachelor - 4 years / Master - 1 year 6 month
Study period for Half Time:
Price for Full Time: Bachelor - 2350 $ per year/ Master - 2700 $ per year
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Academic Degree: Bachelor / Master / PhD

151. Automation and computer integrated technologies Faculty / Institute: Educational and Scientific Institute of Automation and Electrical Engineering Chair: Chair of Computerized Control Systems Bachelor's and Master's degrees in specialty 151 - "Automation and Computer-Integrated Technology" are provided by the Department of Computerized Control Systems (CCS). The Chair of Computerized Control Systems is the youngest staff of NNIAE. Beginning its history at the turn of the tumultuous industrial age, it is rapidly developing, successfully realizing its creative plans and optimistically evaluating its prospects for the future. High level of preparation is provided by scientific and pedagogical personnel of higher qualification, among them: 3 professors, doctors of technical sciences, 6 candidates of technical and physical and mathematical sciences, associate professors, teachers. EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS Computerized control systems and automation RESEARCH ACTIVITIES Directions of research work of the department: "Research and design of energy efficient converters of electricity based on resonant inverters", "Resonant converters of constant and alternating voltage as elements of ship systems of automation and components of on-board power supply networks of autonomous moving objects" (Ph.D. , Prof. Pavlov GV Ph.D. Pokrovsky MV, off Vinnichenko IL); "Automation of management processes of complex technical objects of industry", "Intelligent decision support and control systems", "Fuzzy logic", "Robotics systems and complexes", "Elements and devices of computerized control and control systems", "Internet of Things »(Ph.D., Prof. Kondratenko Yu.P., Ph.D., Associate Professor Kondratenko GV, Ph.D. Kozlov OV, exc. Gerasin OS , Topalov AM); «Energy Efficient Controlled Electric Drives of Vibrating Equipment» (Ph.D., Associate Professor Cherno OO); "Theoretical research and mathematical modeling of thermodynamic and kinetic processes in non-ideal plasma and solid body" (Ph.D. Vyzhol YO). During the 20 years of existence of the department, there were successful defenses of the dissertations: doctoral - GV Pavlov. (2001), Timchenko VL. (2012); of candidates - SA Sidorenko (2002), Kondratenko GV (2003), Podoprigorie DM (2003), Peker B.N. (2004), Stavinsky RA (2004), AV Obrubov. (2005), Al Zubi Iyad Yassin Mustafa (Jordan) (2005), Blintzov SV (2005), Pokrovsky MV (2006), Cherno OO. (2007), Nikitina OV (2008), OV Blintsov (2009), OS Shishkin. (2010), Timchenko IV (2010), Korobko OV (2013), Shcherbinin TV (2013), Kozlov OV (2014), Vinnichenko IL (2018). Received the title: Professor - Pavlov GV. (2003), Timchenko VL. (2014); Associate Professor - Timchenko VL (2006), Sidorenko S.A. (2006), Kondratenko GV (2006), AV Obrubov. (2008), Blintsov SV (2008), Cherno OO. (2011). During the last 5 years, according to the results of scientific researches, 72 scientific articles have been published in the journals belonging to the Scopus science base, 5 monographs have been issued, 25 patents for inventions and utility models have been obtained, 5 research works have been performed, 2 of which have been at the expense of the state budget and 3 - under international contracts with China. Currently, 4 more R&D projects are being implemented, including 2 - at the expense of the state budget, 1 - under contract with China and 1 - under the departmental theme. FUTURE PROFESSIONS Software Engineer; Computer systems engineer; Engineer for automated production control systems; Engineer for automation of process control systems; Engineer for the introduction of new machinery and technologies; System administrator; EMPLOYMENT The multi-vector training of specialists at the department is related to the variety of modern computerized control systems and their applications. The profile of specialists trained by the department is very wide. Students study the theory of automatic control, electronics and microcircuitry, modern microprocessor technology, theory and practice of designing and modeling of digital devices, modern technologies of information processing and transmission, programming at all levels, the theory of robotics and artificial intelligence. These current disciplines provide graduates of the department with the opportunity to further self-realization in various fields of modern science, technology and production. OUR GRADUATES WORK AT ENTERPRISES TOB "Hosting Max"; TOB "GlobalLogic"; TOB "Brio Light"; LLC "Camo IT" Sandora LLC; Delta Pilot Company; SE NVC GTB "Zorya-Mashproekt"; LLC "Nikolaev alumina plant" "; Ukrtelecom PJSC; MCC "Nikolaevvodokanal"; PJSC "Mykolayivoblenergo"; JV Nibulon LLC; SOE “South Ukrainian NPP”; PE "Wild Garden" and others.